Intellectual property rights

On 3rd of June, 2024 Sasa Petkovic and Mirjana Milijevic delivered presentation titled „Intellectual property rights“. They presented to participants of the workshop the activities from the third day of the workshops in Leuven. The first topic of the third day was “IP in Space Agency Contracts” by Hans Bracquené from SMES4SPACE. The focus of the first topic was on the role of ESA (European Space Agency) in the process of protecting intellectual property for Belgian SMEs, members of ESA. Although the lecturer focused on the legal aspects of contracts between member states and ESA, the talents had many practical questions, such as explanations of the licensing process and the protection of intellectual property (e.g., trade secrets, patents, trademarks), the cost aspects of patenting, and the benefits of SMEs paying membership fees for ESA services. The information and knowledge gained by the talents are invaluable in the third round of research upon their return to Bosnia and Herzegovina.