In modern dynamic environment, the importance and relevance of certain knowledge and skills becomes relative. In this kind of setting, anticipating the future needs of business community and developing R&I skills of young people become the antecedents of employability and businesses’ sustainability. Therefore, the general objective of the project is to accelerate cooperation between the academic institutions (from widening countries) and non-academic community, by enhancing capacities of the academic institutions for research and innovation (R&I) towards sustainable entrepreneurship, based on innovation process management. This general objective will be reached by achieving the project’s specific objectives, which are as follows:

O1. Enhancing knowledge and skills of researchers from academic institutions (talents) in widening countries in the field of R&I and technology transfer.

O2. Raising capabilities of academic institutions in widening countries for becoming valuable partner in sustainable entrepreneurial ecosystem.

O3. Enhancing career prospects of USE IPM trainees for R&I.

O4. Boosting entrepreneurial and innovation process management skills of USE IPM trainees from non-academic sector in widening countries.

O5. Creating innovative solutions with sustainability effects.