The following results should be achieved:

Secondments, workshop and training results

1. 28 trained talents in the field of innovation management, sustainability and risk management, technology transfer, human resources and business excellence, youth employment; improving the R&D capacities of 4 widening countries,

2. 10 training programs created for USE IPM trainees, respecting the entrepreneurial ecosystem in which enterprises in widening countries operate,

3. 2 newly established and 2 improved EI centers,

4. 200 trained young people, equipped with knowledge and skills necessary for easier diving into the business world,

5. 80 trained business representatives, managers and innovation talents, trained to successfully innovate and to practice business in a sustainable manner,

Business results

6. 40 innovative solutions, created via cross-sectoral teams,

7. Signed contracts for 40 internships,

8. Developed guidelines for cross-sectoral talent circulation – 10 best practices for cross-sectoral talent circulation identified.

9. Guidelines booklet – Recommendations for policy-makers how to upgrade existing entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Scientific results