Innovative processing techniques – co-creation and open innovation

On 3rd of June, 2024 Ljubisa Micic and Milica Bogdanovic, delivered presentation titled „Innovative processing techniques – co-creation and open innovation“. They presented an overview of their visit to Korn Ferry, a global leader in innovative organizational consulting, highlighting its cutting-edge processing techniques and optimization strategies in executive search and organizational strategy. They emphasized Korn Ferry’s specialization in marrying strategy with talent acquisition to enhance operational efficiency across various industries. Korn Ferry has honed its processes to innovate and optimize specifically in these areas, offering a range of services including organizational strategy, leadership development, and talent acquisition. During the presentation, Micic detailed Korn Ferry’s unique approach to Executive Search, which focuses on sourcing top leadership talent that aligns with the strategic needs of organizations. This specialized service underscores Korn Ferry’s role as a leader in identifying and placing high-calibre leadership candidates who can fulfil the specific strategic objectives of their clients. This approach not only enhances the alignment between leadership roles and organizational goals, but also ensures the effectiveness of new hires. Additionally, Milica discussed Korn Ferry’s innovative processing techniques such as Leadership Assessments and Success Profiles. The firm employs comprehensive assessments to evaluate the competencies, traits, and drivers of potential leadership candidates, ensuring a thorough understanding of everyone’s capabilities and potential fit within an organization. Success Profiles, on the other hand, help define the optimal skills and mindsets for specific roles, providing a clear benchmark for both recruitment and development within firms. These tools are part of Korn Ferry’s broader strategy to integrate advanced assessment techniques with strategic consulting services to optimize talent management and organizational success.