Technology Transfer: Best Practices

On 21st of May, 2024 Milica Maric delivered presentation titled “Technology Transfer: Best Practices”. She talked about challenges and opportunities in space technology transfer and shared valuable insights gained from their study visit to SME4Space in Leuven, Belgium. Milica talked about the space technology transfers discussed during the workshop “The high flight of the space industry products, services, organization in collaborating clusters” held by Wim Lahaye. She pointed out the most important aspects of space technology transfer for the society as a whole, such as connectivity in remote places and when moving around safety and resilience of communication and positioning, themes that affect the earth (SDGs: environment, agriculture, disasters), significant contribution to sciences: astronomy, geography and employment at home with international involvement. Indirect social impacts of space technology transfers were also discussed, such as development of different skills needed and more involvement of young people in STEM. The topic was interesting to the audience as they did not have much prior knowledge about the space industry and different usages of its products, so discussion regarding navigation, satellite communication and their use in everyday life was deepened. Milica finished the presentation by giving the main remarks from Peter Teirlinck’s presentation on technology transfer, that pointed out the need to build upon the core solution in order to allow new and unanticipated uses of technology.