Horizon project management principles

Main principles of the Horizon projects’ management were presented and elaborated by Danijela. The principles were grouped in ten groups, following the logic and the chronology of the project management phases. First of all, it was explained that the call for projects must be carefully studied because it contains the most important guidelines for writing the project. The importance of the selection of project consortium members was pointed out, which should be based on references and work history. In addition to the financial, project implementation also requires significant time, and it was pointed out that sufficient amount of this resource must be devoted with adequate delegation of tasks. The specifics of human resource management, the importance of trust and good communication with the project officer were also presented. In international projects, such as Horizon projects, it is of particular importance to respect specific cultural contexts. Given the content, length and complexity of these projects, the presentation pointed out that special attention and managerial effort must be directed towards managing project changes and intellectual property.