Creating opportunities for Youth

Aleksandra’s presentation explored comprehensively the multifaceted dimensions of the USE IPM Project. Withing the elaboration the beneficial effects and insights derived from the secondment in Strasbourg, France, the presentation commenced by explaining ALDA’s comprehensive activities, vision, and mission, strategically aligning them with the overarching goals of the overall project. The extent of ALDA’s commitment to fortifying the foundations of democracy was underscored, revealing a diversified portfolio that spans a spectrum of overarching issues. The presentation delivered relevant perspectives, data, and conclusive insights, with a specific focus on the contextual relevance to North Macedonia. The ensuing discussions unfolded across multiple tiers, sparking renewed interest and engagement among participants.While providing foundational information on EU governance and funding, the conversation extended to a general overview of potential benefits for youth participating in such initiatives.

In summary, Aleksandra’s session not only imparted valuable insights but also served as a catalyst, stimulating fresh perspectives and active engagement within the audience.Going beyond the typical presentation format, it stimulated conversations on multiple fronts, reigniting the interest of participants who were provoked by the perspectives shared in the session.