Youth empowerment and education are vital to creating a brighter future

In her dissemination of the experiences gathered during the visit in Strasbourg, Jasna shared the favorable outcomes and experiences stemming from the initial secondment hosted by ALDA—the European Association for Local Democracy. The presentation kicked off by delineating ALDA’s overarching vision, mission, and efforts, seamlessly aligning them with the goals of the USE IPM project.Jasna highlighted that youth empowerment and education are vital to creating a brighter future, in line with the relevant international and EU policy priorities. Therefore, a broad portfolio of ongoing and already implemented projects by ALDA that directly develop actions with youth workers and the whole education sector was presented. Some of the projects introduced are: READY – Raise Environmental Awareness for Deprived Youths, TYEC – Tackling Youth Employment Challenge: Measures and Strategies for European Social Dialogue Actors, Balkan Regional Platform for Youth Participation and Dialogue,

EGAL – Gender Equality in Local Action, Grey4Green. The participants had an opportunity to hear about the main facets of these initiatives. During the collaborative discussion, participants explored a multitude of potential avenues for engagement, encompassing both institutional and individual levels.This exploration fostered a rich exchange of ideas, paving the way for a more intricate understanding of the multifaceted nature of engagement at both institutional and individual levels considering the values of the European Union.