Youth and Digitalization: Development of a Youth Employment Program for Digital Transformation

Todor presented the positive experiences and results from the initial secondment in Strasbourg, France, hosted by ALDA—the European Association for Local Democracy.

The presentation began by outlining Alda’s overarching efforts, vision, and mission, aligning them with the objectives of the USE IPM project. Ten lessons learned were emphasized, encompassing key principles: (1) Leveraging European Integration, (2) Empowering Local Communities, (3) Prioritizing Ethics and Human Rights, (4) Developing Inclusive Business Models, (5) Embracing Eco-Friendly Practices, (6) Encouraging Collaboration and Civic Engagement, (7) Promoting Continuous Learning, (8) Ensuring Access to Education, (9) Securing Funding, and (10) Advocating for Core European Spirit Policies.

A noteworthy portion of the presentation was dedicated to a thorough review of Youth and Digitalization. A specialized thematic workshop, actively involving students, delved into generating ideas and proposals for the development of a Youth Employment Program for Digital Transformation. The interactive session served as a platform for engaging discussions on innovative concepts.

In the concluding segment, observations were highlighted, emphasizing the need for prompt and effective changes. Importantly, there was a strong call to actively involve young people in the dynamic processes of digital transformation.