Promotion of the European Research and Innovation: Best practices from the Italian R&I system

Stojan Debarliev’s presentation titled “Promotion of the European Research and Innovation: Best practices from the Italian R&I system” delivered on 5th June, 2024 appears to focus on how the Italian Research and Innovation (R&I) system serves as a model for promoting European research and innovation. Some key reflections on what the presentation might cover, considering common themes in such discussions such as introduction to the structure and key components of Italy’s research and innovation framework. Debarliev has been specific projects or initiatives that have had significant impact. Infrastructure and resources available for research and development, such as technology parks and innovation hubs. Emerging trends and future outlook for the Italian R&I system. Potential areas for further development and collaboration within the European research community. This reflection is speculative based on typical content of presentations on similar topics. The Agency for the Promotion of the European Research was part was also presented by Debarliev as playing a major role in the ecosystem especially related to maintaining close relations with the most important national institutional actors active in the field of Research and Innovation. This collaboration aims to promote both the development and internationalization of the system. It achieves this by providing essential services such as information, training, and assistance. This strategic approach ensures that the Italian R&I system remains competitive and integrated within the broader European research and innovation landscape.