Intellectual Property Rights in Space Agency Contracts

On May 17, 2024 Ružica Petrović delivered a presentation on the topic Intellectual Property Rights in Space Agency Contracts. In the first part of the presentation, the basic characteristics of the space economy concept and the definition given by the OECD were discussed. Also, in the introductory part, the activity and importance of ESA as an agency that supervises space activities is analyzed. In addition to the basic characteristics of the space industry and the basic classification of space activities, space law from a commercial aspect and contracts in the space industry were discussed. Below are the basic recommendations for the improvement of the space industry, which are included in ESA Agenda 2025.In this part, the emphasis is placed on the top activities for the purpose of greater space commercialization. The last part of the presentation refers to the activity of ESA in the domain of intellectual property rights, with special reference to the Resolution on the ‘Rules Concerning Information, Data and Intellectual Property’ and General Clauses and Conditions of ESA contracts with industry. At the end, an overview of the basic ESA principles in this area, as well as the basic ownership rights and protection and user rights, was given.