Presentation of the USE IPM project at the Course “Green Finance and Sustainable Development” in Tirana, Albania

Within the project “Enhancing knowledge of EU green finance policies in insurance and business valuation” (Green FIB – 101127129), during the period 02.04.2024-08.04.2024, students of the bachelor study programs of Faculty of Economics, University of Tirana, attended the intensive course “Green Finance and Sustainable Development”.

During this course Prof. Assoc. Dr. Brikena Leka presented to the students the “Up-skilling researchers for Sustainable Entrepreneurship based on Innovation Process Management: USE-IPM” Project that is being implemented in FEUT, its objectives, the main activities that will be carried out, as well as the opportunities for the students, especially in the field of Research &Innovation and technology transfer.

The students found the project very interesting and really valuable for their future career. Cooperation with businesses that focus on sustainability in the framework of this project, increases their chances for better scientific work, internships and employment.