The second USE IPM focus group, FEUN

A research team from the Faculty of Economics University of Niš (FEUN), consisting of Full Professor Biljana Đorđević, PhD, Full Professor Suzana Đukić, PhD, and Mrs. Jelena Stanković, teaching assistant, organized the focus on the topic “Sustainability and Sustainability Reporting” on March 15th  2024.

The focus group was aimed at identifying the environmental, economic, and social aspects of sustainability, identifying aspects of sustainability that must be improved in the Republic of Serbia, identifying circular economy activities, especially those that can be applied in this country as well as introducing examples of good practices in reporting on sustainability practices applied by certain companies.

The focus group included sustainability experts from diverse organizations. Participants were: Mrs. Jelena Preradović Stevanović from Philip Morris International, Niš; Mr. Nikola Menković from Integrated Micro-Electronics d.o.o. Niš; Mr. Janko Jakovljević from E-RECIKLAŽA 2010 d.o.o.; Mr. Saša Stevanović from DMV d.o.o. Niš; and Mrs. Jovana Petrović from the Regional Chamber of Commerce of the Nišava, Pirot, and Toplica Administrative Districts.

The results of the research will be used for the further implementation of the project “Up-skilling researchers for Sustainable Entrepreneurship based on Innovation Process Management” (USE IPM).