Milica Maric

Key components of study visit to Arezzo: what have I learned?

On the 26th of December 2023, starting at 11 AM, Milica Marić, Teaching Assistant, gave a presentation on the key components of the study visit to Arezzo, Italy. The presentation was organized in room 3 of the Faculty of Economics, University of Banja Luka and it consisted of key learning components of the first round of Secondments to the Arezzo. The study visit was coordinated by a local partner in Arezzo, OpenCom organization which organized several activities and ground visits. As a part of the study visit, Milica together with other participants from Serbia, North Macedonia, and Albania has visited several institutions and organizations connected to Entrepreneurship, Project Management, Education, and other relevant topics. Among other activities, the study visit included d visit to the University of Siena, a presentation of the project “OITBC-MSMES – Observatory and Initial Training on Business Crisis for MSMES”, attending the conference “Fighting climate change and its challenges: the links between the need environmental literacy and the prevention of radicalization of climate activism” as well as training “Project management as a Pedagogic Device” organized by “Project Management” and “Training” Departments of OpenCom. It also included visits to companies such are Estra Spa Holding and AISA Impianti.

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