Activities of OpenCom and Santa Chiara Lab

The project USE IPM has been strongly leveraging on applicative dimensions of organizations which on a societal level engage in various processes and create dynamic opportunities for many stakeholders. In this respect Aleksandra elaborated on the main activities of the host in Arezzo, Italy which was OPENCOM Italy an organization being active project management, research and development lab, Sustainability issues, Research and design of new curricula, Communication and dissemination, International mobility, OpenCom Multimedia Lab.

The presentation also reflected on the opportunity provided to gain understanding of the Santa Chiara Lab which is part of the University of Siena. This field visit provided for all participants valuable insights into the current activities and further plans of this institution.Santa Chiara Lab acts as a hub where businesses, academics, and everyday people come together to blend knowledge, training, and sustainable innovation. The experiences have set Santa Chiara Lab as being a vibrant hub where different fields of knowledge come together. This lab has offered perspectives of what it means to be place where business and academia meet, offering opportunities for learning, collaboration, and idea-sharing. During the presentation Aleksandra relevant perspectives have been emphasized related to the impressions Santa Chiara Lab being a space where anyone can feel welcome and find connections that resonate with them.

In summary, the session led by Aleksandra provided not only valuable insights but also acted as a catalyst, sparking fresh views and active engagement among the audience. Experiences were shared, particularly focusing on aspects that could be applicable to the setting of the Faculty of Economics in Skopje keeping in perspective the local circumstances.