The first USE IPM focus group, USK

During November 2023 four focus groups on the topic “Soft skills of young people needed for inclusion
in the sphere of work and starting an entrepreneurial business” were conducted in four widening
countries – Serbia (Nis), Albania (Tirana), Bosnia & Herzegovina (Banja Luka) and North Macedonia
(Skopje). The goal of conducting the Delphi study is to gain a deeper insight into the necessary “soft”
skills of young people, in order to encourage the development of these skills, which will make it easier
for them to successfully enter the work sphere when starting their own business.
The Delphi method is used to systematically combine the opinions of experts to reach a consensus of an
informed competent group on a complex problem. This method is used to develop different
alternatives, to explore or discover underlying assumptions, and to obtain consensus. Based on the
analysis of qualitative data obtained in the first round through in-depth interviews, an instrument is
developed for the second round of research in the form of a questionnaire.
The data collected in the second round are statistically processed. When more than 70% of the experts
rated the offered answer as significant or very significant, it is considered that a consensus has been
reached. Then, that skill/reason for development/how to build and strengthen/prerequisite (by
question) qualifies to go into the quantitative questionnaire for performing Needs analysis.