The first USE IPM focus group, FEUN

The focus group at the Faculty of Economics in Niš was held on November 15, 2023. Five participants took part in the focus group. Two participants are experts in the field of HR, while three participants are from the field of entrepreneurship.

Participants from the HR field were chosen due to their many years of experience in the process of recruiting and selecting candidates, and were therefore able to provide competent answers to questions about desirable soft skills of candidates during employment, as well as ways in which these skills can be recognized and evaluated. Participants in the focus group who were from the field of entrepreneurship belong to different generations, and were chosen with the aim of obtaining information on which “soft” skills are key in different stages of entrepreneurial business. The focus group was led by two professors who had the role of moderators, while the record was kept by an assistant of this Faculty.

In order to collect information about the necessary “soft” skills that will facilitate young people’s successful integration into the organizations or starting their own business, participants were asked questions divided into seven groups.