How to encourage young people to be more participative in their local communities?

In the first part of presentation it was discussed how goals related to the inclusion of young people are set at the European level and how the European Commission redefined its priorities for the period 2019-2024. Democracy, European citizenship and empowering youth activities are mentioned as some of the most important areas that need to be strengthened. This was followed by a discussion about target groups and priority areas and the position of young people in this regard.Then the focus was on EU institutions that provide support to young people in different ways.The last part of this presentation was dedicated to the projects implemented by the ALDA organization in the field of youth empowerment and inclusion.Special attention was paid to the project V.A.N.G.A. – Vicenza per l’Ambiente. Nuove Generazioni in Azione, which combines education and detailed problem analysis with artistic creation and practical experience in green spaces, urban areas and suburban rural areas to work on a triple level: mental, emotional and physical, and project STAR – STreet Art, whose goal isto increase the participation and solidarity of citizens, connect people of different origins and other cultures, prevent discrimination and intolerance.